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innovation leadership to other countries. and elsewhere," Misener told the committee. "Moreover, obtaining permission took far too long, and certainly much
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Wholesale jerseys took in other countries." Senators from both parties, notably Sen. Dean Heller, R Nev., and Sen. The only drone mishaps, Booker said, have come from hobbyists who have, for example, flown their aircraft onto the White House grounds. "We need to distinguish between commercial applications and private use," Booker said. When Booker gave Misener an opportunity to criticize the FAA approval process even more, the Amazon executive instead said he believes the agency has "turned the corner." That response caught Booker off guard. "Let the record show that you sufficiently sucked up to the FAA," Booker joked. Misener’s written testimony also offered a few new details about Amazon’s drone development. The drones, first revealed by Chief Executive Jeff Bezos in late

Vikings Possibly Carried Native American to Europe The first Native American to arrive in Europe may have been a woman brought to Iceland by the Vikings more than 1,000 years ago, a study by Spanish and Icelandic researchers suggests. The findings boost widely accepted theories, based on Icelandic medieval texts and a reputed Viking settlement in Newfoundland in Canada, that the Vikings reached the American continent several centuries before Christopher Columbus traveled to the "New World." Spain’s CSIC scientific research institute said genetic analysis of around 80 people from a total of four families in Iceland showed they possess a type of DNA normally only found in Native Americans or East Asians. "It was thought at first that (the DNA) came from recently established Asian families in Iceland," CSIC researcher Carles Lalueza Fox was quoted as saying in a statement by the institute. "But when family genealogy was studied, it was discovered that the four families

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